About Dr. Baxley

Dr. Baxley & Family
Dr. William K. Baxley was born and raised in Beaumont, TX.

He graduated from Forest Park High School before attending Lamar University where he received a Bachelor of Science in biology. He was accepted to the University of Texas Dental Branch in Houston where he achieved his dental degree in June 1982. Dr. Baxley returned to Beaumont and has maintained his dental practice there for over 33 years.

Dr. Baxley is a Fellow in the Academy of General Dentistry. The Academy of General Dentistry is an organization of general dentists who are dedicated to professional development and continuing education. To earn the “Fellowship” recognition, Dr. Baxley had to earn five hundred hours of approved continuing education and pass a comprehensive written examination.

In July of 2009, Dr. Baxley was awarded the title of “Master” in the Academy of General Dentistry. This achievement involved over 1000 additional hours of continuing education which were primarily participation courses. In the history of the Academy of General Dentistry, fewer than 2000 dentists have ever received this distinction.

Dr. Baxley is married to Rena, his bride of over 35 years. Dr. and Mrs. Baxley are active members of the Westgate Church of Christ.

Master- Academy of General Dentistry