medicine and cavitiesWe tend to be more aware of the amount of sugar that is in our soft drinks and the sweets that we eat, but have you ever given thought to the amount of sugar that is in your medicine?

Over-the-counter cough syrups given during cold & flu season often have large amounts of sugar, high acidity levels and low pH levels.  Children’s medicines tend to have even more sugar to mask the taste of the medicine and encourage them to take it.  But taken over a period of time, it can affect the enamel of your teeth, causing tooth decay.

Let’s go through some quick tips to get you through the end of the season.

  1.  Take medications with meals.  This increases your saliva, helping the sugar and acidity to wash away.
  2.  Try to avoid taking medicine right before going to bed.  Saliva decreases at night and residue will not rinse away as easily.  If it must be taken at bedtime, rinse your mouth with water afterwards.
  3.  Visit your local dentist and ask about options that help rid the mouth of additional acidity & sugar, such as fluoride.  Your dentist will be more than happy to offer up recommendations to you.