Holiday Wine and your Teeth

As Christmas arrives and the New Year is about to begin, parties are to be found everywhere.  So as you attend your next party, think a little more about the wine you consume.

Is wine really bad for your teeth?

Both red and white wine are highly acidic, and the acid will soften the enamel, causing deterioration and giving them the yellow discoloration.  And once your teeth have lost their protective enamel, they become at a greater risk for bacteria, causing tooth decay.

Other concerns are dry mouth, removal of calcium from your teeth and bad breath (halitosis).  Lastly, do not forget the staining caused to teeth by red wine.

Do I really have to give up wine?

You will always find both pros and cons when it comes to the health benefits of wine, but like anything else, be educated and remember that moderation is key.  Always follow up with good dental care, brushing at least an hour after, and use mouthwash.  If wine softens your enamel, then brushing immediately after will not do it any favors.  Also drink water to prevent dry mouth and wash away any remaining acidity.

Feel like your teeth have been damaged by drinking alcohol?  Visit your local dentist for a routine checkup.  Your dentist can evaluate your oral health and determine the next steps you should take.


From all the Staff at Dr. Baxley’s, We wish you a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Effects of wine on teeth