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Get Fit for Spring

Spring Fitness and Dental Care

Taking care of yourself should be an everyday event, but we all feel a renewed sense of self as the weather gets warmer.  Let’s take a look at how we can improve our health and start feeling better this Spring. Tips to Include in your Springtime Health Plan. Get both your annual doctor’s checkup and […]

Cause and Effect; Halitosis

Halitosis; Chronic Bad Breath

Halitosis, the condition of chronic bad breath, is widely suffered by millions of Americans. More than just “morning breath”, halitosis is persistent odor that does not go away by brushing or rinsing with mouthwash. The good news is that it is treatable. Causes for Halitosis There are a number of causes for halitosis, and understanding […]

Dehydration and Your Oral Health

We’re often told how important water is to our health, but do we really understand why it is so, and what the consequences are for not drinking enough of it? Your Overall Health Water impacts your overall health in multiple ways simply by preventing dehydration. When your body is dehydrated, you may suffer from Fatigue […]

How to Treat Bleeding Gums

Local Dentist for Bleeding Gums

Reasons NOT to Ignore Bleeding Gums Often people brush their teeth and find that their gums are bleeding, even just a little. Seems like it is easy to blow off, but let’s discuss the reasons that you shouldn’t. Bleeding gums are the first stage of Gum Disease, called Gingivitis. Gingivitis is an inflammation of the […]