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Inflammation and Your Health

Inflammation & Your Health

Chronic Inflammation   Inflammation is a natural, healthy response by your immune system to an attack on your body by injury or germs. Noticeable by the swelling, redness, heat & pain, it is the body’s way of protecting an area that is fighting infection.  However, when the infection is gone, inflammation should go away as […]

National Public Health Week

Filling the Gap Between Overall Health and Oral Health April 3-9, 2017 is National Public Health week. This is a time that we focus on the importance of creating healthier families and stronger communities. So how does this affect your dental health? As we read through some of our other blog posts, there are numerous […]

De-Stress Your Holidays

Stress and Your Dental Care As much as we love the holidays, we can also find ourselves feeling a little more stressed out than normal. We know that stress can affect our overall health and mood, but what you may not know is how this can affect your mouth & teeth. Some of the side […]