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Dental Care & e-Cigarettes

Electronic Cigarettes and Dental Problems

Extensive research has begun on electronic cigarettes and the overall damage to user’s health. Since the use of electronic cigarettes has grown the past few years, the amount of research into health conditions and side effects has also increased. Recently, researchers exposed a large number of mouth cells to e-cigarette vapor in the laboratory, only […]

Whiter Teeth for your Wedding Day

ZOOM! Teeth Whitening for the Bride

It’s summertime! Time for June brides and summer parties. What better way to start the season than by showing off a whiter, brighter smile.   It’s widely known that our smile and our confidence level go hand-in-hand. And with so many companies targeting the “teeth whitening” industry, how can we tell what method is best […]

Benefits of Cosmetic Dentistry

Benefits of Cosmetic Dentistry - ZOOM!

We always discuss the health benefits of good dental health, but what about the benefits from cosmetic dentistry?  Despite what some may believe, cosmetic dental care is not just about giving you a pretty smile. Here are just a few of the benefits of cosmetic dentistry… Health Benefits: As part of human nature, we all […]