Gum Graft - Receding gumsA gum graft, also a gingival graft, is a form of periodontal plastic surgery, in which the gum tissue from the patient is grafted.  The procedure calls for the dentist to remove tissue from the roof of your mouth or from healthy gum tissue and to graft it to the area in need of repair.

Typically, gum grafting is done to treat receding gums and cover exposed roots where little to no gum tissue remains.  And although it may sound scary, it’s performed more often than you may think.

Without the graft, gums can recede and pull away from the teeth, exposing the root.  This will in turn cause damage to supporting bone.  And because it is gradual, most people do not even realize their gums are receding until it becomes severe.

Exposed roots can also cause sensitivity to temperature, affect how you eat, and cause you to be unhappy about your smile.

How to know when to call the dentist?

If you miss your regular check-ups, now is a good time to schedule one.  Your dentist can help prevent these issues before they get worse, or give you options to repair damage that may already be done.